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Stats from 2010

In Europeworldunited's existence people from 51 different countries have written about where they live here.

28% of Europeworldunited's visitors are American, 18% are English and 4.5% are Croatian.


 The six cities that multiple visitors came from were Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, Nottingham and Birmingham (England), Bologna (Italy), the capital of Ukraine, Kiev, and Iceland's capital, Reykjavik.

Other notable cities include London, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Milan, Auckland, Buenos Aires, Prague and Lisbon.

 Visitors to Europeworldunited in November measured by countries:

(Light blue = 1-10 users, dark blue = 10+ users)


 Visitors to Europeworldunited in November according to cities:


Hello and welcome to Europeworldunited, the website for culture lovers across the globe! 

What this website is about is trying to find out as much as we can about the world and culture. You can contribute by writing about your country and its culture.


Simply click on the page that corresponds to your country (if you are from Denmark, you would click on Scandinavia, if you are from USA you would click on The Americas and Caribbean etc.) and it will come up. Among words and photos there will be a chatbox. In the chatbox you can write about where you are from and your country's culture.

You might also want to include travel experiences, so if you went to Romania, you can click on the Balkans page and write about it on that chatbox.

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